Launch Day 5

Planned launches

  • Tango Ia with green nozzle 60psi
  • Tango IV to test stager and parachute if above succesful

Pumped Tango Ia with the green nozzle up to 60 psi to test the nozzle would hold the pressure. Then launched which was difficult since the restricted nozzle launcher needs a lot of force to release.

Tango IV is a combination of Tango III with modifed Tango II as a second stage. Each stage is 700ml and was filled with 300ml of water each. Pressure was 60psi.

The nosecone departed to early so the launch didn’t test the deployment device. I was pumping the rocket up for a second flight when at about 60psi the firstĀ  stage released the second stage. The nose cone stayed on until the deployment device pushed it off. But since it was a premature launch without the first stage it hadn’t got very high and was about 2 meters before impact with the ground. So the parachute didn’t get a chance to open. The deployment device was wrecked.

I’ll be moving on to my next range of rockets with a higher volume before trying the parachute deployment device again.

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