Home Server

After having my second home nas box die and not being impressed with the speed of them I’ve decided to do something a bit different. I could buy a more of an up market and more expensive, but instead I take the opportunity to build my own.

The requirements I’m setting for it are:-

  • To have good performance
  • Low power
  • Quite
  • Reasonably compact

My first thought was to use a Raspberry Pi as this would definitely meet three of the requirements also I want to have a reason to use a Pi. Performance wise from what I’ve read it looks like it can just about max out it’s network which is a 100Mb, but I would like the possibility of being a bit faster. A down side is that it would have to use an external drive.  It might also be but underpowered if I wanted it to do other stuff as well.

So I’ve decided to go the x86 root. Since I want it to be compact I’ve decided on the mini-itx form factor and for quietness and low power a fanless design. The Intel D2500HN seems to meets the requirements and should have enough performance. I will be using Linux to save costs as it can do everything I want or may want plus I want a chance to us Linux.

The board is ordered which I’m waiting for while I decided on the other componets.


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