Home Server – Storage

I’ve decided to have two drives one for the system and one for the data.

For quietness and low power the system drive will be solid state drive. I could buy a SSD but since I don’t need that much storage or performance for the system drive I’ve decided to use a compact flash card with a sata adapter.

For quiteness and low power ideally the data drive should be 2.5″, but cost per GB is about twice that of 3.5″ drives.  Initial the choice has been made for me as I will use the HD from my dead NAS

I have yet to decide what format I should use for the data drive as I think it might be handy to have it in format that can be read by windows. Since this is a windows home and that would make it easy for recovery if needed. That choice might have a performance penalty so I think I will need to do tests to before I decide.



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