Video processing

I use VirtualDub for processing my videos. I noticed it has this feature where you can export the video clip to a series of photos and import a series of photos to a video clip. Which gave me the idea I could do some of my own processing.

Now since I’m terrible at keeping the camera steady and also tracking the rocket. I though it would be a good idea if I could video the rocket more zoomed out then afterwards zoom in on the video clip once transfered to the computer. Also now you can buy HD video camera it makes it even more worthwhile With VirtualDub producing a series of photos I thought this would be possible.

Since I didn’t want to  individually open up each photo in a photo package and crop and then save. I thought a little program to automatically open the photo I would then click on the rocket and the program would then crop and save the photo and then open the next one.

I’ve successfully wrote such a program but it was still a bit boring clicking on the rocket for each frame. Now since the photos in question are usually of a dark object against a light background I thought I might have a chance of writing the program to actually find the rocket itself.

A few more days of programming and a few unexpected problems I’ve met with success. At least for the one bit of footage I’ve got and while only the sky and rocket is in few. I’ve managed to exclude the ground to a certain extant by making a few assumptions. Trees and Churches on the horizon do cause problems still.

I need to get some more footage to try it on and then I’ll be able to post the results. A HD camera would be handy as well. Christmas is coming 🙂

It’s also given me an idea for another project.

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