Servo controlled launcher

First thing to find out was a RC servo is strong enough to pull the launcher release. Did some succesful dry tests up to 60psi as these were indoor tests I didn’t go above 60psi for safety reasons.

As I want the servo to be controlled by a microcontroller so a camera could also be servo controlled I needed to find out if the servo would work over a long cable. At 100 meters with the cable still on the reel there was to much loss for the power to be carried at that length. With the power on a shorter cable and just the signal on the 100 meters the servo worked but there was a lot of jitter.

Since I would not be needing anywhere near that length I repeated the test at 10 meters. Power loss was still a problem but there was no problem with the signal. So I have a additional power source at the launcher for the servo.

I have a microcontroller controlling the servo and also a second servo which will pan the high speed camera up at a predefined speed at launch.